From humble beginnings as a local business machining small components in Deepdale Lane, Lower Gornal, Néos Engineering has grown into a major manufacturer of process plant offering a complete service to industry.

The Company is currently run by David Nock and it was his father and grandfather who started the business in 1949. Both were experienced engineers; Josiah Nock was Works Manager and Director at Alfred Allen’s a well-known and respected Company in Lower Gornal which specialised in vessel and pipework fabrication and his son Arthur had worked for an engineering company based in Birmingham after serving his apprenticeship with Dank’s of Netherton. Josiah & Arthur bought into a business owned by Harry Cashmore, consisting of a small workshop with a few lathes. Sadly, Harry Cashmore did not live to see the changes; he died only a few years after going into partnership with Josiah & Arthur Nock. Arthur carried on running the business; as it grew, he moved to new premises in New Road Dudley.  The rolling of steel plate, press brake work, specialist heavy fabrications and the design and manufacture of boilers and vessels began to play an important part in the business and expansion continued. Arthur then moved to the site on the corner of Pear Tree Lane, then in the mid 1950’s he moved again to the present site. In the mid 1970’s a further site was added on the corner of Pedmore Road and Hurst Lane and an extension was built onto the existing works, bringing the total works area to approximately 5500 squares metres and permitting the manufacture of larger vessels.

Just as the Company has always been prepared to move premises when required to keep up with growth, so it has consistently re-invested profits to allow investment in plant.  A great deal of high value plant and equipment has been purchased over the years. This includes pyramid plate rolls, heavy press brakes, automatic submerged arc welding equipment and many other machines. The workshop is now equipped to handle steels of various specifications – carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium and various alloys; with their impressive plant inventory the Company can respond to varying customer needs, an important factor in winning and maintaining their place at the forefront of the Industry.

The acquisition of a new plant has changed the nature of the work in various ways. For example, loading finished items onto a truck used to involve the use of a block and tackle, or if that was not practicable, then a lot of muscle power and hard labour ! The Company has many long serving employees who have watched these changes come about, some employees have retired, just retiring with over forty & fifty years of service. A company which can retain staff for their whole working lives is clearly a good company to work for and Deepdale Engineering has always valued its employees, seeing the recruitment of employees with the skill to produce heavy engineered items with a high degree of craftsmanship as possibly it’s greatest challenge. A skilled workforce ensures the high quality of the end product combined with good plant, a skilled work force provides the flexibility to undertake varied projects and the ability to complete a high percentage of projects in house and it is the skill and experience of it’s workforce which has helped build up the Company’s reputation of excellence for over 70 years.