Deepedale Engineering Products - Large Diameter Steel Pipe Specialists

Deepdale Engineering has an enviable reputation as a supplier of quality fabrications, specialising in large diameter steel pipe. See the various products we can supply below and examples of our work.

Rolled and Welded Tube

Deepdale Engineering offer a Complete Service to Industry covering the fabrication and testing of new large diameter rolled and welded tube.

Fabricated Pipework

Deepdale Engineering fabricate new large diameter pipework in a variety of materials suitable for all major processes.

Offshore Industry

Deepdale Engineering has an enviable reputation for quality & ability to deliver on time. Working to all major industry codes including EEMUA 158 and NORSOK.

Specialist Fabrications

Deepdale Engineering Company Limited offer a competitive and reliable service to industry on a complete supply or free issue basis for large fabrications in mild steel, carbon steel & stainless steel up to 30 tonnes in weight.

Press Brake Work

Deepdale Engineering offers a quick and reliable service to industry for press brake work on a complete supply or 'free issue' basis.

Pressure Vessel & Heat Exchanger Shells

Deepdale Engineering offers a complete service to industry covering the fabrication and testing of pressure vessel & heat exchanger shells, flanges and ancillary equipment.

Tubular Piles

Deepdale Engineering are major suppliers of non standard large diameter piles to all sectors of the civil and marine industries. The tubular piles are manufactured in a range of materials, from standard carbon steel to high tensile steel, and in all thicknesses to suit specified design.

Civil & Environmental Pipework

Deepdale Engineering manufacture large diameter rolled and welded Pipework in carbon and stainless steel to all major codes and provide a complete fabrication & delivery service.


Magnificent Library of Weld Procedures to AWS D1.1, BS.EN.288/BS EN ISO 15614.1, EEMUA 158 and ASME 9. Welder Qualifications to BS.EN.287/288 and ASME Standards. Welding Processes: Automatic Submerged Arc, M.I.G, T.I.G, Flux Cored and Manual Metal Arc. All welding consumables are stored in thermostatically and humidity controlled storage compounds. Heated electrode storage cabinets are in use throughout our workshops.


Deepdale Engineering, A 21st century company investing in the future, and the past! At Deepdale Engineering we are always looking for a challenge, and what better way to test our skills than the restoration of historic vehicles and machinery.