Pressure Vessel & Heat Exchanger Shells

NEOS Deepdale Engineering offers a complete service to industry covering the fabrication and testing of pressure vessel & heat exchanger shells, flanges and ancillary equipment. Pressure vessel & heat exchanger shells are produced to all the major British & American Codes from our clients bespoke drawings. From British, Continental and American steels in carbon, carbon manganese and stainless for high and low temperature service 

NEOS Deepdale Engineering manufactures pressure vessel & heat exchanger shells of all types from small air receivers to large distillation columns for all sections of industry including Petro-Chemical, Water Treatment, Oil Production Platforms, Gas Industry and most of the major consultants in the Pressure Vessel & Heat Exchanger field.

Our in-house plant is excellent and a quality control system to ISO 9001 : 2015 is in operation. We have exceptional capacity in rolling, press-brake work, welding and machining.  All N.D.T. & hydraulic testing is carried out within the Company’s own factory which is a considerable help in monitoring production and progress.

Ancillary services: Non Destructive Testing, Machining, Heat Treatment, Painting & Proof Load Testing.

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We manufacture fabricated pipework to your requirements and specification.