Rolled and Welded Tube

Deepdale Engineering offer a Complete Service to Industry covering the fabrication and testing of new large diameter rolled and welded tube to all sections of industry including Oil & Offshore Construction, Renewable Energy, Piling Contractors, Petro Chemical, Nuclear, Water, Equipment Manufacturers & numerous fabrication Companies worldwide.

Our new rolled and welded tube is fully automatic submerged arc welded to all major codes in carbon & stainless steel.   Our welded tube procedures are to EN288, ASME IX, ISO 15614 & EEMUA. Our welders are coded to EN287 and ASME IX.

Please note that our tubes would be manufactured to order, therefore, it is possible to modify the diameters, length & thicknesses to suit our customers specific requirements.

Typical applications: Cylinder Sleeves, Cylinder Strakes, Hoist Drums, Rolled Bands, Tubular Casing, Heat Exchanger Shells, Half Shells, Rolled Pipe, Rolled Strakes, Seamless Tubes, Thick Wall Fabricated Cans & Tubulars, Large Bore Tubes, Fender Piles, Hydraulic Cylinders, Rope Drums & Loom Rolls, Monopiles, Fabricated Sleeves, Tubular Piles, Pulley Drum Skins, Pile Casing, Steam Drums, Mud Drums, Rope Drums and Reactor Drums, Winch Drums & Crane Pedestals, Plate Heat Exchanger Shells, Thick Wall Drive Shoes

Ancillary services: Non Destructive Testing, Machining, Heat Treatment, Painting & Proof Load Testing.

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