Welding & Quality Management

Deepdale Engineering offer a magnificent library of weld procedures to AWS D1.1, BS.EN.288/BS EN ISO 15614.1, EEMUA 158 and ASME 9.

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Good To Know

Welder Qualifications to BS.EN.287/288 and ASME Standards.
Welding Processes: Automatic Submerged Arc, M.I.G, T.I.G, Flux Cored and Manual Metal Arc.
All welding consumables are stored in thermostatically and humidity controlled storage
Heated electrode storage cabinets are in use throughout our workshops.

Working in Partnership

Full machining facilities by our associate companies.
Pressure testing - Hydrostatic 5000 psig max. Hydrovane Compressor 100 psig max.
Radiography - X-Ray and Gamma by our associate companies.
Ultrasonic, Magnetic particle and dye penetrent crack detection by our associate Companies.
Chemical and physical analysis - Subcontracted to local NAMAS & UKAS Laboratories.
Heat treatment - Subcontracted to numerous furnaces within easy reach of our premises.
Preparation and painting - In-house facilities for general work, however, shot blasting and special paint finishes are subcontracted to local specialists with whom we have long standing working relationships.
Special testing - Such as strain gauge and strain indicating coating proof tests are subcontracted to local N.D.T. Specialist Companies.

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